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August 7, 2009
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Aug 9, 2009, 9:11:29 AM
× by Raezing16 by Raezing16
What in the world is going on!? The color of the world going to grey?

FINISHED!!! This is my second of my 3 AP Studio Art summer assignments...and it took me about two times longer then I had anticipated. In my first draft of this project, it was going to be done in pastels, however it soon became clear that in order to get the detail needed, color pencils were to be the way to go. Hence the increase in time that it took.

This is of my 5 best friends and I (sorry Conner, I promise I'll add you later!) and my goal here was to capture somewhat their personalities in their postures and facial expressions. What the scenario is in this picture, I don't really know, you tell me! those who know the people in the picture (or just anyone who wants to be a bit goofy) ...CAPTION CONTEST!!! What's being said?

On one last note, yes I did somewhat cheat and use the pose that I used in my Star Trek Self Drawing. [link] but I figured that as long as it worked, I might as well!
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o ok lol. ya i think you captured everyone awesomely :). and it kinda looks like i'm yelling at you going "What the heck did you do?" and i don't know how i feel about the site lol cuz i've only been on it twice just to comment on your picture lol
Raezing16 Feb 22, 2010  Student General Artist
you: "what the heck did you do?"
me: "what did I do? All I did was press that shiny red button, how was I supposed to know what it did?!"
k so i signed up for this thing just so i can comment on this picture rachel! lol. i just wanted to point out that you totally get people's bodies right like every time. they are all exactly right! and what exactly is my expression supposed to mean? lol
and is that a unibrow on me????
Raezing16 Jan 18, 2010  Student General Artist
Oh, heck no! In no way, shape, or form is that supposed to be a unibrow! That was where the paper tore a little bit so I couldn't put as much pressure on the colored pencil.

Actually, I'm really surprised that you think that they look exactly right, especially since most people can't recognize who is supposed to be who. (I completely failed at capturing your face...)

Your expression was supposed to be along the line of "HOLY CRAP! What the heck's going on!?"

I'll see if I can touch up your eyebrow on the computer. :)

By the way, how'd you find about my site/this drawing?
A CAPTION CONTEST? Hooray! I'm going to make thought bubbles!

Jasmine: Ah. This is bad...

Megan: Great. Now. we're all stuck here, turning gray on top of that. Just great.

Kat: Holy crap! My arm!

Rachel: Please tell me someone has a plan.

Kayla: Waaah! We gotta get out of here guys!

Moi: Follow me, and we'll get some funnel cake!

And, if there had to be just one caption for the whole thing:

Boldly going where no artist has gone before: To conformity - and beyond!
Raezing16 Dec 2, 2009  Student General Artist
Me: Please tell me someone has a plan
You: Follow me, and we'll get funnel cake!
Me: Of course! How could we forget the amazing restorative properties of fried bread and sugar?!

That just about made my day (which I need considering I have a physics test this morning...)
Can't beat funnel cake. The absolute best place in Colorado is a little store in Silverton that sells funnel cake and cherry limeade. One day, I'm going to take you there.

Toi: Of course! How could we forget the amazing restorative properties of fried bread and sugar?!
Moi: Well, now's our chance to remember! Quick! I see a carnival in the distance!
Kat: Uh, guys...? What turning gray? Guys...?

How did your test go, by the way?
Raezing16 Dec 2, 2009  Student General Artist
We shall go, and then afterword find an old used book store and pursue the dusty shelves to our heart's content.

Kat: Uh, guys...? What turning gray? Guys...?
Me: Wait, carnival? That means that there's going to clowns...aren't...there...

Let's just say that I'm no astrophysicist. I think I did well, and I understood it all, but I just took a long time...darn multiple choice questions that take longer then the extended problems to work!
Izreal-Foofuraw Aug 12, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Inventive. This is so much better than the ones I did over the summer for my AP class. You will actually be able to use this. (Chuckles) Well done.
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